z t ipstream a xe


  • Recuperar el control de sus flujos de audio

    Lograr el control total de sus flujos de audio con Z / IPstream A / XE, con el procesamiento de Omnia genuina para su estación de trabajo de audio.



  • Genuine Omnia Processing

    Software only, no special cards required

    Runs as a Windows service in the background. No need to log in.

    Managed from anywhere through a web browser, locally or across the Internet.

    Each license = one stereo input. The user can add each license to the same PC or separate PCs.

    Each program input can be processed and encoded in multiple ways, and sent to multiple servers simultaneously

    Processed audio can also be sent to a local sound device for monitoring.



  • High-performance, low memory footprint, native application
    Can operate with Virtual Audio Cable driver, allowing A/XE to accept audio from a playout systemor other applications on the same PC.
    All configuration information is stored in a single XML file for simple configuration backup/restore.